Aesthetic, Elegant and Customizable SEO Reports

Create and automate visually pleasing SEO reports with our drag and drop interface for yourself or your clients

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Use Our Simple But Powerful Drag & Drop Report Builder

Use our simple drag and drop report builder to create visually pleasing reports in minutes. You can include any data on the reports - from ranking overview, keyword lists, metrics on graphs to backlinks and site audit changes.

Customize Layout, Data and Format of the Reports

Use simple logic to include the meaningful and relevant data on your reports. Nightwatch enables you to include your segments, configured graphs and overviews of your rankings, backlinks or site audit information.

Schedule dELIVERY of Reports to You or Your Clients

Save time configuring how and when the reports should be delivered to you or your clients.

White-label to Make Your Business Look Professional

Take credit of Nightwatch work by using our white-label abilities to customize the reports and the interface with your company logo.


all-in-one seo platform

Equipped with everything you need to unravel new opportunities and take action to grow your business.

rank tracking

Use our performance rank tracker.


Enjoy drag & drop customizable reports.

backlink monitoring

Analyze and correlate backlinks with other data.

white label

Rebrand your interface.

API Access

Get your apps to the next level.

Subuser Accounts

Manage your employees and clients.


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