Nightwatch vs Advanced Web Ranking: The Most Accurate Rank Tracker

An Advanced Web Ranking alternative with an easy-to-use interface and accurate rank tracking data.

Nightwatch gives you accurate rank tracking data that’s updated daily in an easy-to-use interface.

Easily automate and schedule reports that your clients will love.

Accurately track your keywords on a local (map packs, etc.) and global level.

Analyze backlinks, and see how they impact your rankings over time. 

Local and global rank tracking is where Nightwatch shines 

Nightwatch is a goldmine for SEOs. Gain insights into your organic performance by identifying keywords that drive traffic and backlinks that move the needle.

We update millions of keywords every day, and every ranking result is auditable back to a screenshot of the actual search engine result page.

Site Audits that don’t feel like a “bolt on feature”

Multiple factors go into how well you rank organically and we’ve built a seamless Site Audit tool to help you quickly identify on-page errors that are hurting your SEO growth.

We’re the only tool you need to eliminate blind spots in your search strategy.

Understand your performance across multiple search engines 

Track your rankings across Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo and YouTube – it’s as easy as adding your keywords and selecting the search engine.

With Nightwatch’s accurate rank tracking, you’ll be able to quickly identify URLs that need further optimization. 

The most accurate rank tracker with a UI that won’t overwhelm you

Understand how well you’re doing in search with a clean, focused interface that won’t drown you in irrelevant data.

Quickly compare your organic rankings with your competitors and pull in your most important data from Google Analytics and Search Console.

Compared to Advanced Web Ranking, you'll get your job done faster with our straightforward dashboards and clear, client-friendly reports.

Do you have specific questions?

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