Innovations and New SEO Features in Nightwatch 2.0

Jun 30, 2022

Rebecca Nguyen

The new SEO features of Nightwatch give you the best possibilities to get the most out of your SEO. After taking our users’ feedback into account, we worked hard to convert your wishes into these optimised features to ensure Nightwatch is at the next level for SEO professionals.

Our latest update will help you to work more efficient, solve problems quicker and have a wider choice of options for powerful customization. We kept our flexible, intuitive and thoughtfully designed interface. And the best thing? Our new features are now available to all our users! Continue reading for a quick walkthrough.

Site Audit

One of our most important highlights is the Site Audit feature. As an SEO professional, you will understand the benefits of adding this one to our tool! It’s a perfect combination with the rank tracking and backlinks monitoring features that Nightwatch already provides.

By running the Site Audit you will get an exhaustive website analysis to help make improvements to your – or your client’s - website ranking. You can easily customize the settings to your own needs. Get a simple overview report, or set the parameters as you wish to get an in-depth understanding. You can also decide on custom filters to focus on specific issues you’re dealing with. All these different options will surely get you the data you need. With our smart scheduler, it’s easy to set up your crawls and have them run and saved automatically. You can set your insights on different professional SEO projects, filter your needs, create a steady time frame and compare data in the long run.

Data Studio Integration

Forget about static reports and PDF files. Real-time reports and customized dashboards are the future. Nightwatch will be the first to enable a segmented Data Studio integration in the SEO industry. Now you will be able to visualize your ranking progress or segment performance on your team or client’s dashboards.

Segmented Data Studio Integration is an innovative new addition that allows you to combine SEO data from different (re)sources. This is an important benefit for SEO professionals as it supports them in making the right decisions with upscale, comprehensive and clear reports

Backlink Filtering

Everyone gets too many spammy backlinks from shady websites these days. These backlinks really blur your analysis and hinder your SEO research and efforts. To get powerful results from your (link: text: backlink monitoring), you need to get clear insights which you can easily put to use. A perfect way to get accurate insights is with the use of our latest feature: Backlink Filtering. It uses advanced filtering to remove spam backlinks and clear away the clutter from your analysis.

Progress Sharing

Is it important for you to be able to quickly share the growth on your sites with your colleagues or clients? We have you covered with the introduction of our Progress Sharing feature. You can now share your dashboard graphs with a unique and private link. This is very effective and practical for SEO professionals who work with a team or have various clients. And would you like to share your progress with your professional network or social followers on Twitter or Facebook? That’s now possible too with only a few clicks.


Nightwatch is the most advanced SEO performance tracker and analytics tool. We answer the important questions for SEO professionals, SEO businesses and their clients. We strive to dissolve limitation on flexibility and adjustability when tracking and analysing big data sets.

To provide high-quality service, we worked hard to grant our clients’ wishes. With Nightwatch 2.0, you will be able to work more efficient, solve problems quicker and have a wider choice of options for powerful customization. We always make sure Nightwatch is at the next level for SEO professionals.

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