daily rank tracking

Your daily rank tracking data shouldn't be stale

Remove the anxiety from algorithm updates, stay one step ahead of your competition and monitor rank change instantly with daily rank tracking.

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Finally, a daily rank tracking tool that's accurate and easy-to-use

Accurate daily rank tracking

Stay on top of SERP and rank changes

Algorithm updates have increased in frequency and most SEO tools update their data once per month, which leaves you with huge delays when it comes to identifying changes in rank.

With daily rank tracking, you're able to stay on top of rank changes and prevent rank loss before it even happens.

Track all Serp features

More than organic rankings

SEO has evolved beyond the ten blue links and your rank tracker should too.

With fresh daily insights, the Nightwatch daily rank tracker allows you to track your efforts across featured snippets, map packs, knowledge panels and organic results.

Track multiple search engines

Track more than Google

Your customers are searching outside of Google too. With Nightwatch's daily rank tracker, you can quickly track Bing, DuckDuckGo, and YouTube from any location in the world.

You'll quickly get an idea on how well you're performing across all major search engines and uncover low-hanging fruit opportunities.


Daily rank tracking, analytics and reporting for enterprise, small business and agency

Discover why hundreds of companies use our tool to organize and manage your SEO more effectively.

Track Rankings Across Multiple Search Engines

Monitor rankings daily on all major search engines.

Track rankings for any location, and get a clear picture on where you stand on SERPs, including local map results.

Impress Clients with White-labeled Reports

Build easy-to-interpret white-labeled reports using our drag-and-drop interface in minutes.

And then, save even more time by automating how and when they’re delivered to your or your clients.

Automatically Discover Traffic-Boosting Keywords

Boost your discoverability with Nightwatch’s Keyword Discovery feature.

Discover new keywords by entering a URL, then organize by segment and create a strategy to ramp up your campaign.

Audit Your Site to Uncover Technical SEO Wins

Instantly identify broken pages, missing tags, links, and more.

Set up automated crawling so you can keep track of new and recurring issues over time. And deliver those reports to your clients.

Sound too good to be true?

Here are Nightwatch's 'Cons' according to Capterra

Wilson T.

Director of SEO

“Nothing I can dislike about this software as its an amazing rank tracker software. I love it because I use it everyday.

Mike E.


“Nothing at this time. The software provides everything you need to monitor your websites that you are trying to rank."

Jordan F.

Founder & Marketing Specialist

“Took a bit of time to figure out how to implement multiple GA and GSC accounts, but support was excellent in helping us. Works flawlessly.

Jaka S.

UI & UX Designer

I just hope that it won't become too big, with gazillion features, where UX could suffer. But I understand that the target audience appreciates features beyond simple rank-tracking.

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