Nightwatch vs SERPRobot/SERPLab: The Most Accurate Rank Tracker

A SERPRobot/SERPLab alternative with accurate rank tracking, site audits and reports

Nightwatch gives you accurate rank tracking data that’s updated daily in an easy-to-use interface.

Easily automate and schedule reports that your clients will love.

Accurately track your keywords on a local (map packs, etc.) and global level.

Analyze backlinks, and see how they impact your rankings over time. 

Get a full picture of your marketing efforts

SERPRobot/SERPLab only gives you rank tracking data, leaving you with blind spots. 

With Nightwatch, you can accurately track your keywords, view how your backlinks impact your rankings, uncover on-page issues that are hurting your growth and easily report your wins. 

The most accurate rank tracker with an easy-to-use interface 

Understand how well you’re doing organically with a clean, focused interface that won’t drown you in irrelevant data.

Our intuitive dashboards and clear, client-friendly reports help you get your job done faster.

Track more than just 10 blue links 

SERPRobot/SERPLab doesn’t track featured snippets or local map pack results, leaving your tracking efforts with blindspots.

With Nightwatch, you can accurately track featured snippets, multiple search engines and local map pack rankings.

Plus, you can pull in your most important data from Google Analytics and Search Console.

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