Back-end Developer

Back-end Developer

Back-end Developer

Become a part of a diverse and progressive team creating next-generation tools for internet professionals

This is a fully remote position, full-time or part-time, with flexible working hours and work arrangements.

We’re looking for an experienced developer who enjoys working with server side technologies and possesses a good mixture of DevOps and application development chops, has been around the block a couple of times, and would like to build forward-thinking and innovative solutions with experienced teammates in a progressive-oriented environment.

About the role

You should have plenty of experience in building performant, easy to use, well monitored and well tested APIs, creating and maintaining robust web applications, designing efficient data flows, communicating clearly, sharing knowledge and questioning existing solutions.

If you are a positive-oriented hacker who does not fit the traditional company structure and resonates with the mindset of programming languages and paradigms being just a tool and not a heavy personal attachment and identification, then this role might be the right fit for you.

About the company

We’re a self funded SaaS company that primarily builds forward-thinking tools for internet professionals. We are a bootstrapped company that believes the future belongs to smaller companies that don’t subscribe to the 9-to-5 corpo way of doing things. We believe that the Silicon Valley era is over, and we are building a business that allows us to enjoy the freedom of working remotely where each of us has the autonomy and flexibility to have a high impact on the world with our work.

By actively maintaining an environment in which developers can grow professionally and personally, we’re making sure that solving problems becomes not just a joy, but a thrill.

Our development process

We deploy every day. Around this intention, we designed our whole development environment — we love code reviews, solid tests, continuous integration and delivery. It will never happen your pull requests get stuck, neglected or forgotten. There is very little overhead, meetings are kept to a minimum.

We have processes in place to ensure a proper mixture of shipping new features, maintaining existing systems, addressing technical debt, and experimentation.

You’ll hold final responsibility for the solutions you build, from the inception of the idea, to shipping to production. Every member of our team is responsible for a certain subsystem. That means you’re responsible for it to work correctly at all times, and you are given the freedom to implement mechanisms to ensure that.

Job requirements

  • Advanced programming experience in at least a couple of the following programming languages: Ruby, Elixir, JavaScript, Bash, Rust, Go

  • Experience with Ruby on Rails framework

  • Experience with functional programming

  • Solid understanding of working in Linux shells

  • Ability to spin up servers, setting them up and make them available for application deploys

  • Having great understanding of the value of automated tests, and ability to implement them across the whole stack

  • Designing efficient deploy flows and continuous integration

  • Solid knowledge of key value stores, SQL, and relational databases; preferably PostgreSQL

  • Ability to implement and maintain robust concurrent background job systems, having a grasp of concurrency patterns and message queues

  • Fluent english, spoken and written, clear and effective daily communication with the team

  • Writing clear and concise internal and user documentation

Nice to have

  • Experience with full-stack development: ability to implement and maintain front-end features using modern component-based JavaScript frameworks (such as Ember.js, React.js), proficiency in HTML and CSS

  • Experience with Docker and containerized environments

  • Experience with Serverless technologies and Lambda

  • Experience with message queues and streaming platforms, such as Kafka

  • Experience with high volume processing, data pipelines and MapReduce patterns

What is it going to look like

  • Working in your own schedule

  • Daily communication and updates in Slack, daily stand-ups in written form

  • Two weekly conference calls for updates and planning

  • Performing planned work using Kanban methodology

  • Actively helping with planning, proactive work without needing to rely on your manager to provide work

  • Maintaining existing systems and building news ones using technologies like Linux, PostgreSQL, Redis, Ansible, AWS stack (S3, EC2, CloudFront,…), Grafana, Kafka, ClickHouse

  • Working on a major ongoing architecture overhaul that affects statistics aggregation part, transitioning from uncached relational DB querying to a scalable streaming architecture using Kafka and ClickHouse

Perks of working at Nightwatch

  • Completely flexible working time - pick your own working schedule, and work from wherever in the world you want

  • Generous vacation time, family and travel friendly environment

  • Team building events all over the world

Apply now! Tell us about yourself, why you'd like to join, describe your experience and tell us about the software that you wrote which you are most proud of, and why.

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