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We’re looking for a perceptive and ambitious person to join our close-knit remote team as a data-driven outreach specialist. The individual should be an excellent communicator and negotiator, and possibly have experience with outreach in a similar internet company.

The individual will be responsible for communication and establishing relationships with other businesses and potential partners (influencers, website owners, business owners, etc.). The main goal of work will be building relationships with businesses that could benefit from Nightwatch services, as well as connecting with SEO experts, marketers, affiliates, influencers, and managing backlink acquisition and guest post publishing.

Our mission is to help organizations become visible online, and enable them to get their message out and share it with the world.

We're offering a fully remote position and a flexible work schedule (part-time with a possibility to go full-time) with high working ethics standards. We communicate regularly via Slack throughout the day, and on team calls weekly.


  • Exceptional skills in writing resonating messages
  • Familiarity with cold e-mailing and outreach
  • Exceptional communication skills in English
  • Ability to adjust communication for different profiles of people
  • Being in the know of what is going on in the world of SEO and marketing
  • Experience in crafting and delivering professional pitches and follow-ups
  • Basic knowledge of direct marketing
  • Strong organizational and problem-solving skills

What it is going to look like:

  • Planning and executing cold outreach campaigns
  • Identifying relevant businesses and their decision-makers
  • Presenting our product to different personas
  • Finding relevant websites
  • Writing resonating emails and testing different approaches
  • Working and coordinating work with our marketing team
  • Making decisions based on open, click, and response rates
  • Tracking your work in spreadsheets and organizing your workflow
  • Actively developing and maintaining lists of outreach contacts
  • Having initiative and being brave to suggest and implement clever outreach decisions and campaigns

Interested? Write to us and tell us why you'd like to join, what you have achieved so far, and what the work you’ve done looks like.

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